We Are Not for Everyone

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What to expect

We offer a unique experience — one unlike a hotel, resort, inn or bed and breakfast. To be sure you know what to expect, we want to tell you more about our rustic retreat. We are not for everyone, but if you have a sense of adventure, love being close to nature and want to experience Caribbean living the way it ought to be, Yuquiyú may be for you.

Rates: Our rate for La Cara de Indio is $175 per night, for La Cascada is $200 per night and for El Mirador is $225 per night. Tax adds 7%.

One queen-size bed: Each treehouse has one queen-size bed that is 55″ wide by 83″ long, which is five inches narrower and 3 inches longer than a standard queen-size bed. An additional bed is not available.

Maximum of two guests per treehouse: Each treehouse can accommodate a maximum of two people.

Minimum stay:The minimum stay is two consecutive nights.

No pets: No pets are allowed.

Check-in & check-out: Check-in is at 3 pm and check-out is at 12 pm. Kindly note that checking in before 3 pm is not possible due to the time required to thoroughly clean both levels of the treehouse before your arrival. To take advantage of any time you might have before then, you may wish to consider our recommended restaurants and explorationsAfter checking out, guests are welcome to store their baggage in our reception area, and continue to enjoy the property until it’s time to depart for their next destination.

Terms of payment: Full payment by credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. Although there are no refunds, you may reschedule, subject to availability, if you cancel your reservation in writing at least two weeks in advance.

Rental car required: A rental car is essential due to a lack of public transportation, taxis and car service outside of San Juan.

Vegan/vegetarian: Yuquiyú is meat free (from any kind of animal, including mammals, fish, fowl and others). We ask guests to observe that principle by not bringing any meat onto the property. Eggs and dairy are fine.

Restaurant: In the Spring, Huerto Escondido (Hidden Orchard), our alfresco restaurant, will begin to offer delicious, plant-based fare inspired by traditional Puerto Rican cookery.

Smoke free: We are smoke free everywhere on the property except in the parking area.

Crushed-rock trail with stone stairs: The trail may be unsuitable for those who have difficulty walking. It leads downhill through the tropical garden to the treehouses and ends at the river. La Cascada treehouse requires a walk of 415 feet, La Cara de Indio requires a walk of 250 feet and El Amor requires a walk of 150 feet. El Mirador does not require use of the trail.

No trail lighting: In order to appreciate the starry night, there is no trail lighting. Therefore, it is best to make your initial arrival during dayight hours.

No porters: Since we have no porters, you will need to carry your own baggage.

Natural air conditioning: There is no mechanical air conditioning, but each treehouse has large doors and windows that can be fully opened to take advantage of the Trade Winds. As well, each has a floor fan. Puerto Rico has one of the most unvarying temperatures in the world, with an average high of 77° F in winter to 85° F in the summer.

Location of baths: The private bath of La Cara de Indio and La Cascada treehouses is below the main level and reached by either a short path from the entry or a stairway from the balcony, respectively. The private bath of El Mirador and El Amor is on the main level and is reached by a footbridge from the balcony.

Insects, lizards & other small animals: Yuquiyú is a glamorous camping, or “glamping,” destination — a chance to experience nature in comfort. You need to be aware that the rainforest’s web of life includes mosquitoes and other insects. Keeping their numbers at bay are harmless animals, such as singing tree frogs (known as “coquís”), lizards and spiders. At times, a small number of those creatures may be inside your treehouse (typically a couple of small lizards). If you are uncomfortable with that possibility, Yuquiyú would not be a suitable choice.

Screens & repellents:  The sleeping area of each treehouse is fully screened (older photos do not show the screens). There are no bothersome insects from dawn to dusk. From dusk to dawn, you can close the doors and windows — the wooden louvers let air in and the screens keep insects out. But, to better appreciate the gentle breezes and sounds of the rainforest at night, leave the doors and windows open. Even though we have few mosquitoes, you can reduce the risk of a bite by showering before going to bed and by applying the Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus repellent or the Cutter Backwoods DEET-based repellent that we provide. Cutter Backwoods is more effective and longer lasting. Wind also is effective against mosquitoes. Set your floor fan to medium or high speed.

Mosquito nets: We have deemed mosquito nets to be unnecessary, but one is available if you choose to use it.

Other lodgings: If Yuquiyú isn’t for you or we don’t have space available on the dates you need, you are likely to find the perfect lodging at ElYunque.com, ElYunqueInns.com, Sue’s Place or Luquillo Sunrise.com, which feature small, owner-operated hostelries near El Yunque National Forest.